Spa Analyst

Professional Objective:  The objective of this position is to perform guest consultations.  The Analyst must be a spa professional who is able to analyze guests’ needs and customize their spa programs.  Also, must have the ability to make home care recommendations, helping guests to achieve desired results, while meeting or exceeding revenue targets.

Position Description and Responsibilities

  • Analyst must practice the position in accordance with department manual
  • Ability to analyze and evaluate each guest’s individual needs and expectations, in order to recommend the most effective programs
  • Use sophisticated analysis equipment to determine skin type, recognize skin conditions, and pinpoint concerns
  • Recommend appropriate programs and home care products
  • Develop and customize the guest’s spa experience
  • Conduct exit interviews and guest satisfaction surveys
  • Interact cooperatively with other spa team members to provide the ultimate spa experiences
  • Present a warm, gracious, and professional persona to guests and co-workers
  • Adhere to high professional standards in dress, grooming, language, and lifestyle
  • Practice the highest standard of sanitation, neatness, and visual presentation
  • Actively builds strong guest relations
  • Meets and exceeds performance targets
  • Gather and input guests’ data. Consistently records and updates guests’ records
  • Attend and participate in all general and team meetings
  • Assist with inventory and retail management
  • Attend all in-house training and commits to outside continuing education
  • Participates in all aspects of marketing/special events planning and execution
  • Make effective use of sampling program
  • Complete daily check list of cleaning obligations. Abides by all county, state, and local laws and regulations regarding sanitation, cleanliness, and safety
  • Communicates with receptionists
  • Tracks performance and efficiency
  • Reports to Spa Director

Desired Qualifications

  • Spa professional
  • Knowledge of skin and how to properly analyze skin conditions
  • Product and treatment knowledge
  • Special skills:  paramedical, acne therapy, anti-aging, specialty makeup, and nutrition education is a plus
  • Confident with the ability to make treatment and home care recommendations to every guest
  • Computer skills
  • Great professional image
  • College degree
  • Sales experience
  • Guest service experience
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Sales experience
  • Good organization skills and follow-through
  • Good time management skills; prompt, runs on time

Behavioral Characteristics

  • Strong guest relations, warm and friendly
  • Enjoys team environment and interaction with people
  • Flexible and cooperative
  • Able to multi task and improvise on the spur of the moment
  • High energy, able to work in a fast paced environment
  • Good sense of humor
  • Self-motivated
  • Able to work well under pressure
  • Seeks out knowledge, enjoys learning, and strives for professional growth
  • Operate equipment/machinery, such as skin analysis tools: skin scanner or Wood’s lamp, computerized analysis equipment, magnifying lamps, pH measuring tools, professional Polaroid camera equipment, etc.
  • Professional work ethic

How To Apply:

Please email relevant materials to