The Emotional Detox Program

The Emotional Detox Program with Dave Lesinski

This 3 1/2 hour program will be offered at various times of the year, here at Spa Mariana. The serene setting of a spa adds to your ability to clear and center yourself through this program. Emotional Detox helps you take care of your inner world, which contributes to our physical bodies more than most of us realize. Bringing Dave Lesinski to Spa Mariana is a natural fit for holistic, mind-body therapy– linking meditation with massage for optimal health benefits.

Please call Spa Mariana and inquire about our next workshop with Dave. If you are interested in total health and personal growth, you won’t want to miss it!


“With Dave’s guidance, I have integrated many things into my life that have helped ease my anxieties and propel me further into the fulfilling life that I know I’m meant to be living.” – Erin Floresca, CA
Join Dave Lesinski ( as he takes you on an eye-opening journey into self-discovery and personal evolution. Learn to say goodbye to the roller coaster feelings and intense stress levels while welcoming in a
more balanced body energy and calm state of mind. The Emotional Detox program is based on Dave’s experiences as a Transformational Healer and clarifies how the emotional body works, what strategies work best to create a calm peace within and how our self-work positively impacts our loved ones.

Clients report these benefits:

  • Less stress and more energy
  • Ability to turn struggling relationships into healthy ones
  • Improved problem solving abilities
  • A deep connection to the Presence within
  • Feelings of peace and calm
  • Rapid emotional clearing leading to a balanced state of mind
  • Ability to easily apply the training methods in their everyday life
  • The power to release deeply rooted bad habits
  • Clarity about life direction and purpose

Contact Spa Marina at (248) 792-2050 and choose the session that’s convenient for you.
Limited space available.


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