Guided Meditation Workshops at Spa Mariana

meditation-workshopsScientific studies have proven the benefits of mediation and its positive effect on our body and mind. They have shown that practicing regular meditation or deep breathing, reduces inflammatory disease, strengthens immunity, lowers blood pressure and also eliminates the negative effects of stress and anxiety.

Spa Mariana is happy to provide its clients with deep relaxation through the form of guided meditation. Clients and friends learn to calm their mind and restore their bodies to balance through deep breathing and tension-releasing techniques. The experience is highly enjoyable– a perfect compliment to a massage or facial.

The spa hosts various meditation instructors throughout the year, so please inquire at the front desk for current offerings.

Through the practice of meditation, you will learn to calm and control your physical body and behaviors. You can increase mindfulness and happiness through simple breathing and attention to the present moment. Let your life expand with meditation!