Face Treatments


This treatment gives careful attention to the frequently-neglected décolleté, the area of the neck and upper-chest. Biodroga’s serums and products are nutrient-rich and made from the highest quality of ingredients, which condition and smooth the skin of the décolleté. Once the skin is even and smooth, it is toned and firmed, visibly diminishing lines and wrinkles. You’re left feeling youthful in an area you may not have realized could make such a beautiful difference.

30 Minutes | $55

Acne/Purifying Treatment

This very popular treatment is designed specifically to help control acne and blemishes. The biological preparation of Biodroga’s exclusive Skin Puran series helps normalize and balance troubled complexions. This skin-clearing facial includes deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation, extractions, and a treatment mask. All of these components act in harmony to improve skin’s clarity by diminishing blemishes, balancing general skin tone, and eliminating redness and inflammation. This treatment is best experienced repeatedly, to allow your skin time to adjust and detox from irritation and breakouts. You’ll be glad you tried this skin care solution.

60 Minutes | $85


Medic-Sensitive Skin Treatment

This special facial treatment is for extremely sensitive skin (including acne prone, rosacea, and severely dry skin types). This treatment is also perfect before and after cosmetic procedures, microdermabrasion, laser treatment, AHA peels, and collagen injections to optimize results and strengthen skin.

60 Minutes | $95

Collagen Boost Treatment

This is a skin-firming, rejuvenating treatment with pure collagen that boosts skin tone and restores a glowing, youthful complexion. This treatment has outstanding anti-wrinkle benefits and also helps to increase elasticity, giving the skin of the face, under eye area, and neck, a firm and rejuvenated look and feel.

75 Minutes | $155

Golden Caviar Treatment

Our Golden Caviar Treatment delivers you a luxurious experience that utilizes nutrient-rich elements from the sea. Caviar extract is applied to your skin, imparting valuable vitamins and noble stones that rejuvenate your complexion. The experience is one of true, noticeable results as your hydrated skin radiates a glow of health. Your body and mind ease into enjoyment, with the Golden Caviar’s delicate scent of rose filling the room– a bit of icing on the cake.

75 Minutes | $135