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Hot summer days and long summer nights are upon us! Backyard barbecues, swimming in the sun and holiday celebrations take center stage this month! Protecting your skin while enjoying various outdoor activities is important as we focus on UV Safety Month.


To start off with a bang, we celebrate the 4th of July, which commemorates the signing of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Stop by Spa Mariana to indulge in your favorite beauty treatments so you can look and feel your best for all the holiday festivities!


On July 23rd, Parents’ Day recognizes the important role that moms and dads have of responsible parenting in everyday family life. Do something special for them this month to show your appreciation by giving them a relaxing day at the spa! 

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One of the best holidays in the summertime is the 4th of July! While we celebrate our nation’s birthday, we participate in fun outdoor activities such as grilling, swimming, camping and of course, setting off fireworks! While having fun on the 4th, people need to be proactive when it comes to safety so everyone will be able to enjoy all the summer festivities while remaining safe and sound.

Here are some suggestions to keep this holiday a safe one:

Fireworks Precaution: There have been many accidents at family gatherings that occur due to people not handling fireworks properly. Avoid potentially serious injuries by following these simple but important steps:

• Always store fireworks in a cool, dry place

• Never allow children to handle fireworks or light them, especially sparklers

• Follow the instructions on packaging and discard fireworks after use

• Keep a garden hose or multiple gallons of water nearby just in case

• Always point fireworks away from you as you light them

• Never aim fireworks toward people, pets, vehicles, trees or houses

• Light and discharge fireworks in an area away from buildings and flammable materials

Swimming Safety: Whether in a pool, in the ocean or at a lake, remember these simple tips:

• Only swim where there’s a lifeguard present

•  Always swim in a designated swimming area

• Stay alert and check weather conditions via weather apps before entering any body of water

• Don’t drink alcohol or ingest medication before you swim

• Have young children or inexperienced swimmers wear a life vest

• NEVER dive headfirst into shallow water or into water where you think it’s deep enough

• Always supervise children while they’re swimming in the water

Safety When Grilling: Grilling is a favorite American pastime, but it can quickly turn into an unsafe situation with mishaps such as burns to people or pets and fires in yards, homes or parks. Follow these precautions to avoid injuries to family members and damage to your home:

• NEVER leave a grill unattended when in use

•  Make sure to always grill in an open outdoor area

• Make sure everyone - including pets - keeps a safe distance from the grill

• Use long-handled tools especially made for use on grills to keep the chef safe

•  Be sure to check that the coals are completely cooled down before leaving the grill unattended

Keep your Independence Day celebrations fun and safe by following these tips and enjoy this special holiday with your family and friends!

Happy 4th of July from all of us here at Spa Mariana!


Summertime means enjoying light and healthy drinks made of nature’s sweet goodness. Serve this delicious, cool and refreshing Watermelon Lime Juice at your next barbecue or pool party on a hot summer day!


See you soon at Spa Mariana!

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