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In this current state, there’s not a person whose life hasn’t been influenced by the current health concern. We are in uncharted territory here as we try to stay healthy and take care of our families. 


There are things that you can do to stay connected and healthy during this uncertain time. Technology is a blessing now. Use technology for kids’ virtual play dates; use it for happy hour with your squad; use it to connect with loved ones near and far. 


Limit TV time if it is making you feel anxious about the Coronavirus. Set a timer; take a walk; phone a friend.   


We invite you to read this issue and get informed of the latest DIY trends and spa treatments at home!  


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Stay Safe! 



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 Check out the top 9 celebrity trends for

 DIY treatments at home!  

Combat the CORONA VIRUS Stress and Treat yourself to some speacial YOU time!


1. Make your skin glow with a hydrating mask

2. Reduce puffieness and look refreshed with an eye treatment 

3. Relax in a hot bath with aromatherapy or bath salts

4. Sleep better by infusing essential oils, lavendar oil is one of our favorites

5. Exfoliate and hydrate your body for smoother feeling skin 

6. Give your hair a healthier look with a hydrating conditioner

7. Detox impurities with a juice cleanse and take your daily supplements to boost your immune system

8. Relax and refresh with a foot soak or hand treatment 

9. Use your skin care regimen daily for best results 


Give yourself some well deserved time to look and feel better... We think you DESERVE it!



Two major things we can do stop the spread of the Coronavirus: 


1. Practice Social Distancing; stay 6 feet apart from others 


2. Wash your hands often. Proper hand washing is a great way to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. Check out https://www.cdc.gov/handwashing/when-how-handwashing.html for proper handwashing techniques


The problem with frequent hand washing is the severity of dry skin that comes along with it. 


We recommend using a quick-absorbing, hydrating hand and body cream which helps leaves the hands feeling incredibly soft, smooth and more hydrated. 

One of our top picks! 

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Lastly, Spa Mariana Team wishes you a happy and healthy week !

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