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June 30, 2011
Energy Medicine Workshop with Jason
August 9, 2011

Thai MassageThai Massage Workshop with Jason

This hands-on workshop is geared for Bodyworkers and Yoga & Movement Teachers, but anyone who is interested is welcome to attend. Together we will explore Thai Massage techniques that can be performed on a table and integrated into any massage session, as part of a yoga class or on the floor with friends. We will also cover ways to expand our awareness of energy, intention and the healing power of touch.

Sunday 24, July 2011: 1 – 5 in the afternoon, Fee: $85 – Sign Up Now

At the beautiful Spa Mariana: 909 Haynes, Birmingham, MI 48009 1-248-792-2050,
Jason 1-248-565-5626

Please let me know if you plan to attend. Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to have a lot of fun.

About Jason

Based in Phuket, Thailand, Jason has many years of experience in the holistic health and medical fields. Inspired by his love of traditional arts and spirituality, he began his study and practice of massage therapy at an early age. He also enjoyed a rewarding career
as a paramedic both in hospital and with the Fire Department EMS in his hometown of Detroit, USA. In 1998 Jason went on to travel and deepen his knowledge of bodywork, movement and culture. His time in Thailand eventually led him to head the spa as manager
and specialist therapist at the world renowned Amanpuri Resort in Phuket. Jason now shares his Healing Arts therapies on a global scale. He offers personal sessions, workshops and trainings at wellness centres, resorts and spas worldwide and maintains a
regular clientele in Thailand, Russia, Europe, India and the USA. He also studies South Indian and Thai martial arts, yoga and enjoys spending time with friends and family the world.

About Healing Arts

Healing Arts is the ever-evolving culmination of my own healing journey and search for truth – a lifetime of service, with a somewhat adventurous inclination towards spiritual and cultural exploration. Personal sessions utilize many therapies including meditation, energy
medicine, movement and massage as a pathway toward integration and healing. Healing Arts therapies are designed with the simple intention of cultivating awareness of the connection between body, mind, emotions and spirit. Specialized massage techniques work
with the deep physical and subtle energetic structures of the body along with guided breathing exercises and visualization to find a new balance point within – a place from where painful and limiting patterns are released, unhealed wounds brought to the surface and
resolved and the flow of creative and generative life force energy restored. It is from this space that we begin to tap into the innate wisdom within us to manifest a life that is more
conscious, joyful and free.


  1. Maciek says:

    Jason, thank you very much for an amazing times!!!! I am looking forward working with you again soon.