About Us – Meet the Team

All therapists at Spa Mariana are licensed with extensive, advanced training.  

Maciek believes that anyone performing massage at Spa Mariana should be able to accurately perform many of the advanced techniques that he has gathered during his career. Although all of the therapists at Spa Mariana have the training required by the State of Michigan prior to being hired, he asks them to strive for more. At Spa Mariana, therapists spend their first 3-6 months in weekly workshops devoted to learning advanced techniques that provide additional value to each session. Maciek personally instructs and evaluates each therapist, ensuring that Spa Mariana clients receive a specialty massage. His teachings impart his philosophy that, during a massage, each moment holds an opportunity for further relaxation.

“One needs to experience a good massage to know its benefits to the body and spirit.”


Maciek Lyko – BS, CMT, RYT

Maciek’s mission as a massage therapist is to provide his clients with a comfortable, safe, and relaxing environment to improve their health and well-being. Maciek has studied extensively, including mastery of European massage techniques and Thai massage. He continues to learn and push himself to new levels of expertise, believing that one can always delve deeper and become more skillful. Combined with his Eastern and Western technique experience, Maciek’s specialty in deep tissue and trigger point therapy creates a one-of-a kind experience for clients. Whether clients are aiming for sweet relaxation or deep unknotting of muscles, Maciek’s work guarantees profound results. Maciek is:

  • An expert with nearly two decades of experience, both independently and in salon/medical office environments.
  • Professionally-trained in a broad scope of Western, European and Oriental massage modalities.
  • Personable with excellent listening skills and the ability to easily establish an ease and rapport with clients through his knowledge, compassion, gentle manner, and trustworthiness.
  • A consummate professional with a high level of dignity and integrity, as well as dedication to his craft.

Maciek attended Advanced Thai Massage Training, held January 22, 2009, at the Lek Chaya massage school in Thailand. Maciek’s Thai massage studies include Thai reflexology and advanced training in traditional Thai massage techniques. Additionally, Thai Nerve Touch Massage with Medical Herb Packs (Lek Chaiya Style) was part of his study. best-of-the-best-Maciek-LykoMaciek is available by referral only and is excluded from promotions and discounts.

Appointment Length and Fees

  • The initial evaluation session costs $200. It typically consists of 30 minutes consultation plus 60 min hands on treatment time, but may take longer depending on the complexity of the injury issues or desired needs.
  • Treatments cost $125 per 60-minute session (in-spa). (The majority of treatment sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes. Some cases of complex or multiple injuries may require longer sessions.)
  • Financing options and a sliding scale are available for those in need.

For home visits, clients are charged the standard fees for assessment or treatment, plus reimbursement for travel time (billed at the same hourly rate).

An OUT-OF-STATE home visit initial assessment and treatment is $1000/day plus lodging and door-to-door travel expenses.

Off site Training: $1500/day plus lodging and door-to-door travel expenses.

On site Training: $1000/day plus lodging and door-to-door travel expenses.

Dr Ruthie McCrary, MD – Spa Medical Director

Dr Ruthie McCrary, MD

The Spa Mariana is under the supervision of Dr Ruthie McCrary, MD, a renowned plastic surgeon. She has selected a team of experts to work with her so we can help you achieve your goals

Spa Mariana is a full day and medi spa rated as one of the top full day and medi spas in the area. We feature the latest and the most innovative full day and medi spa treatments to help you look and feel your very best!.

We offer a vast selection of programs designed to address skin care concerns; for face, body, as well as wellness programs such as weight management solutions, hormone therapies and more.

Dorota Z. Esthetician

Dorota ZientaraDorota has been in the skin care industry for over 20 years and is a licensed esthetician whose passion is to help people feel beautiful inside and out. Originally from Europe, Dorota owned her own spa in Krakow, Poland and also taught at the university level. She was a consultant for the development of the cosmetology curriculum at one of Poland’s most prestigious institutes. Dorota takes a holistic approach to her services, incorporating massage techniques with her vast knowledge of cosmetology, esthetics, dermatology, and physiology. Dorota offers facials, body treatments, and waxing for all skin types. She has a gentle touch and brings comfort to her clients, making each service a relaxing, pleasurable experience. Many of her clients have referred to her as having “magic hands” or a “magic touch.” Dorota prides herself on extensive training, knowledge, and diligence in working with high-end European skin care products that guarantee results and leave your skin glowing, refreshed, and rejuvenated. She understands that each client comes to her with unique needs, and she works closely with each client to customize the treatment to specifically achieve the goals and results they require. Whether you are seeking a relaxing facial, or to correct a skin problem and develop a new skin care regimen, Dorota brings the experience, professionalism, and knowledge to assist you with all of your skin care and hair removal needs.

Magdalena S., MMT

Magdalena SakowskiMagdalena is a nationally certified Medical Manual Therapist with 1200 hours of training. Graduated in 2007 from Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences in Troy, Michigan. Magdalena provides individualized massage therapy treatments such as: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Mixed Technique Massage, Prenatal Massage. She understands that every client comes with different needs and she’s always open for a conversation so she can be sure everyone gets the treatment they hope for and deserve. Magdalena is very supportive and wants to help her clients achieve optimum health and wellness, find relaxation and tranquility. She likes to incorporate aromatherapy into her treatments to support pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. She also uses body scrubs for exfoliation of the skin and stimulation of blood circulation. Magdalena believes that taking a holistic approach to life promotes preventative medicine by maintaining the health of all aspects of the self—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Kyle K., LMT

Kyle KurtzalKyle is a massage therapist from Traverse City, MI, with 13 years of massage therapy experience. He graduated from the Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy in 2001, where he worked in a variety of clinical wellness environments including Mott’s Children’s Hospital and The Center for Battered Women. After acquiring his Massage Therapy Certificate he went on to work in both small town wellness studios and large posh spas alike. Recently, Kyle was honored to be recruited by a film studio filming in Pontiac, MI, where he provided relaxation massages for the cast and crew of Oz: The Great and Powerful. While providing physical and mental relief through massage has always been an honor to give, his real passion has always been coaching his clients through stretching, strength training, and life style suggestions, so that his treatments provide long term relief through a balancing of the body and mind. Kyle has provided over 10,000 massage treatments during his career, which has honed his skills and techniques to meet the needs of every individual client. He combines deep tissue, sports massage, and trigger point therapy into his relaxation sessions based on his communications with each individual client. He and his wife live in Walled Lake, MI, where they love to be active at the local metro parks.

Christine L., LMT

Christine is a licensed massage therapist who graduated from Irene’s Myomassology Institute in their February, 2012 class. She comes to Spa Mariana from a local chiropractor’s office where she learned stretching techniques as well as Sports Massage. Christine is very interested in continuing to learn about the body and reads anatomy/massage publications often. Her interests and specialties include Sports Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Shiatsu and Thai Massage. She enjoys being in a spa atmosphere and finds it therapeutic to help others relax and relieve their stress and tension. She believes in the healing power of touch. A breast cancer “surthrivor”, Christine is active in charities such as The Pink Fund and Shades of Pink which offer financial assistance for women in treatment for breast cancer and Sisters’ Hope which provides a fabulous retreat at a very low cost for women who have recently completed treatment for breast cancer. She lives in Birmingham with two of her children and their dog. Two other children are away at college.

Sally W., CMT

Sally WenczelSally is a clinical massage therapist with 9 years of massage experience. She specializes in Thai Yoga Massage, a healing treatment based on acupressure, assisted yoga stretches and Ayurveda. She took interest in Thai Massage after traveling through Thailand for three months and receiving the sacred bodywork. Sally also practices Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy (soon to be offered at the spa), deep tissue, relaxation and pregnancy massage. Sally built her career in spa environments, assisted living facilities and wellness centers in the Traverse City, MI area, and recently worked for a number of Hollywood film studios doing bodywork on set for cast and crew members. She graduated from Blue Heron Academy of Healing Arts and Sciences in 2005 and from Albion College in 2002. Sally is a freelance writer and also enjoys running, swimming and playing sports with her husband and new baby daughter.

Jasmine T.

 Jasmine TroutFor ten years Jasmine has been a massage therapist, working with countless thousands from all walks of life. Using a unique mix of Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Acupressure, and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage, she is able to offer each client a great experience for their individual needs. After graduating a year long massage program in 2004 she has worked in the bodywork field continuously since that time from chiropractic offices, to resort spas and everything in between. A passion for travel has fueled her for many years, from the deserts of Arizona, to the rainforests of Hawaii, to the mountains of the Rockies, meeting teachers and making connections, she is honored and excited to be able to share what she has learned with the world through this work.

Amber C., LMT

Amber CarvalhoAmber  is a certified myomassologist who specializes in carpal tunnel syndrome and TMJ. She graduated top of her class at the Michigan School of Myosmassology in Berkley and was certified by Howard Rontal, teacher of myofascial upper and lower body work. Amber’s desire to help her clients, including some celebrities, achieve their health and wellness needs began in 2005 with her licensure in aromatherapy. Since that time she has been certified in the specialized massages of lomilomi, Thai yoga, reflexology, myofascial, therapeutic, hot stone, prenatal, and Reiki. Amber’s passion for healing continues as she pursues her education in radiology.

Adam P., LMT

Adam P is a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and 2015 graduate of Irene’s Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI. He has always been fascinated by the power of the mind, and the body’s ability to heal itself, and strives to find new ways to facilitate this. While at Irene’s he studied a variety of healing modalities ranging from ancient Hawaiian Kahi Loa, Nuat Thai-ayurvedic, Shiatsu and Reflexology to more modern orthopedic massage therapies. Among the many disciplines he practiced there, it was CranioSacral therapy that resonated deepest in him. In March 2015, Adam began his exciting journey with the Upledger Institute and is currently working on certification in this amazing healing modality. Adam combines his knowledge of the body’s anatomy and physiology, along with the skills of massage and CranioSacral therapies to provide the best possible treatment and positive experience for each of his clients. Every session is unique and facilitates healing based on what the client seeks, and what their bodies need. Adam’s experience includes working with athletes to improve their performance, visiting patients in Hospice for palliative care, treating people who have suffered traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries for pain and stress reduction, and he also has experience working with children with learning disabilities, everyday stress from school, and immune disorders.

Julie K. Evans

julie-evansJulie Kwon Evans, Ph.D. Candidate of Health Psychology focuses on the association of behavioral and psycho-social processes on living the highest quality of physical health. Her passion in preventive health and wellness began in 1996, while attending The Ann Arbor Institute of Massage Therapy. Her specialty was has been working alongside chiropractors, physicians, and physical therapists for the most effective pre and post rehabilitation in lower back surgeries/pain, and upper cervical issues.

Julie’s additional experience lies in:
– Pregnancy inducements
– Comprehensive approach to alleviate migraines
– Assistance with smoking cessation
– Compressive approach to addiction, substance abuse, and trauma.

Julie’s obtained her Master’s from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology in Industrial Organizational Psychology, which she is developing a streamline program to assist with employees work performance. It is a systematic approach to utilize massage, physical activity and meditation to increase work performance, employee retention, and further understanding your employee’s motivation for maximum potential.

She has worked with organizations in multi-cities including:
– California, Family Justice Center, Madge Bradley Court House
– St. Croix, United Way and Girls and Boys Club, and “Cut It Out”
– Chicago, American Back Center, Element Wellness and Spa, and The Chicago Police
– Michigan, Beaumont Hospital, “Employee Energizer” program, Haven, “Health and Wellness Meditation Program” and Retrofit Studio.

Dalal Armali

Dalal is a licensed certified Esthetican and Massage therapist. She instantly puts you at ease with her friendly and easygoing nature. She listens to her clients and believes in making each experience unique and positive.

Born and raised in Lebanon, She brings with her a vast knowledge of European skin care, beauty aids, and techniques. She studied in Lebanon 3 years for esthetics, and specializes in natural and organic products. Dalal has training and knowledge in Skin Care, Laser Technology, Myomassology.
She has 15 years experience as an Esthetican and almost 10 years experience as a massage therapist. She has also worked almost 2 years, in the medical field with a physical therapist. She brings her knowledge, training, and experience to whichever service she provides for you.

She recognizes each client as an individual, and prides herself in treating clients with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Dalal makes a wax experience as pleasant as possible. She is quick and through.
– Zanita C.

Great experience overall. My massage was amazing!
– Jenna P.

Information Coming Soon about Other Talented Spa Mariana Therapists and Technicians:

Connie A., LMT

Erik A. LMT

Bee L. LMT

Stephanie H., LMT

Gosia D., LMT

Candy Y., LMT

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