Massage Therapy

Spa Mariana’s Signature Massage

This is our most luxurious and all-inclusive massage. It offers a unique blend of European and Eastern techniques that owner Maciek Lyko has collected through his 14 years of professional experience. Maciek has infused this massage with personal variations and insights, which truly make the session one-of-a-kind. Its foundation is a mix of Swedish and Deep Tissue, which is then taken to the next level with the use of hot stones, aromatherapy (lavender scalp treatment, peppermint foot care), and hot herbal towels. The massage is finished with focus on the scalp, neck, and shoulders to leave you feeling completely cared for in all areas. You owe it to yourself to try this experience.

Enhancements included: 

  • Peppermint Foot Treatment
  • Lavender Scalp Massage
  • Herbal Hot Towels Treatment
  • Hot Stones

60 Minutes | $160

90 Minutes | $210

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Swedish Full Body Massage

This is what many people consider a general relaxation massage. Swedish massage uses broad, sweeping strokes with other gentle-yet-effective techniques to melt both your muscles and mind. It is suitable for virtually anyone, and can be made more or less intense based on your individual desires. Swedish massage also improves muscle tone, circulation, and joint flexibility.

60 Minutes | $95.00

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90 Minutes | $140.00

Deep Tissue Massage (Sports)

As implied by the name, a deep tissue massage works below the surface layers of skin and tissue, moving into your muscles and the various layers of fascia that support them.  While a Swedish massage affects your body at the general muscular level, Deep Tissue intentionally targets specific muscles with direct, deep pressure and stretches. Clients and athletes with “knots” and high amounts of muscular tension often seek out a good therapist who can “work out kinks”. Muscle tension is released, allowing oxygen, blood, and nutrients to reach each cell. This massage help to reduce chronic muscular pain, facilitate injury rehabilitation, and decrease inflammation-related pain caused by arthritis and tendinitis.

60 Minutes | $110

90 Minutes | $160

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Power Massage (Quick Fix)

This massage is custom-designed for your specific needs. Your therapist will concentrate on two of your major problem areas, using effective, intentional techniques to bring comfort and relief to those areas in a short amount of time.

  30 Minutes| $55.00

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Deluxe Full Body Massage

This is an enhanced version of the Swedish Full Body Massage. It includes deeply-penetrating heat, aromatherapy, essential oils, and moist hot towels. It can be considered a mix of our Swedish and Signature massages, falling somewhere between the two in terms of techniques and enhancements used.

60 Minutes | $125

90 Minutes | $160

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Custom Blend Massage

Custom Blend Massages address your body and mind exactly as they are, each time you come in for a session. The Custom Blend works with an even higher quality of specificity and attention than our other massages already offer. Each Custom Blend massage is a unique treatment that accommodates any and all requests you may have for that particular day. The more you come back for this type of massage, the better your therapist comes to know your body, personality, and goals. The specificity can deepen further and further with each treatment, for remarkable results.

 60 Minutes | $140+

 90 Minutes | $210+

120 Minutes | $280+

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Aromatherapy Stress Relief Massage

As the name implies, this massage is meant to calm, relax, and melt stress away. Aromatherapy oils containing sandalwood, clary sage, lavender and Ylang-Ylang are massaged into the body to provide a much-needed stress-relieving experience. These oils have been long-recognized for their ability to work into the body and mind with beneficial, relaxing effects.

 60 Minutes | $115

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Prenatal Massage


Pregnancy is a beautiful time for an expectant mother, but it also brings a new set of physical and emotional concerns. Investing in prenatal massage can be an effective way to release tension and re-balance troubled energy spots that may gather as a result of a changing body. This massage treats and relaxes the whole person—body, emotions, mind, and spirit–which creates a healthier environment for the baby’s development. You will feel increased energy flow, reduced pain, and deep relaxation. Your therapist will be happy to modify or address any concerns you may have about massage and the health of your baby.

 60 Minutes | $105

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LaStone Therapy

LaStone Therapy is an expansion of one of the oldest known forms of body therapy–the organized placing and temperature regulation of stones. The body is warmed and prepared for the stones with gentle stretching and Swedish massage. Then, these stones of varying temperatures are placed systematically along the sides of the spine, while others are positioned on major energy channels in the body. The therapy is one that will open you to new sensations and deepen your experience of relaxation and release.

60 Minutes | $110

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East Meets West Massage

In this massage, you’ll experience a combination of three different techniques drawn from both Oriental and Western World traditions. The synthesis of cultures, along with techniques to release blocked energy, are used to restore balance to your body. Swedish massage, reflexology and shiatsu provide you with tastes of delight from lands near and far.

Turn this massage into a divine two-hour “Massage Deluxe Combo” and allow the healing effects to resonate even more harmoniously within your body and mind. (this 2 hours session may be done on the floor as  traditional Thai massage style -upon request and availability)

60 Minutes | $105

120 Minutes | $225

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Traditional Thai Massage

Thai massage is unique among the other massage treatments at Spa Mariana. Sometimes referred to as “lazy man’s yoga”, Thai massage (or Thai yoga) is a form of therapy where the client is deeply and mindfully stretched by the massage therapist. You are essentially doing yoga asana, but the therapist moves and adjusts your limbs for you. This allows you to let go of all tension, while simultaneously moving your joints and opening your entire body. This is an intense practice that can take regular table massage to a more holistic level.

This is a new offering at Spa Mariana. Please inquire with the Front Desk for pricing and availability.


Reflexology is based on an ancient Chinese therapy, rooted in well-practiced technique and tradition. The therapist works on your feet and/or hands, applying pressure and strokes to specific areas to produce specific effects in the body. Feet and hands are highly receptive areas that provide connection to different systems, organs, and senses elsewhere in your body. This enables you to achieve profound affects, even for considerable physical or emotional imbalance. It is a great option for those who seek something minimally-invasive, but still effective in creating mind-body harmony.

30Minutes | $60

60 Minutes | $110

5  x 30 min sessions | $270

10 x 30 min sessions| $480

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Skin Revitalization Massage

This is a deluxe two-hour experience that begins with skin exfoliation using Dead Sea salts. With your skin clean, smooth, and receptive, you then move on to a 60-minute full Body Massage using a special goat butter lotion. Your skin will feel fresher and softer than its felt since you were a child! (Please do not shave 24-hours before treatment.)

120 Minutes | $190

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Two-Hours of Bliss Massage

There’s not too much else we have to say about this one. Massage is such a luxurious and healing experience for most people, even just at one hour. But with two full, heavenly hours, you’ll find the additional time opens you even further than you imagined possible. You melt into physical relaxation, and your mind is able to follow suit.  With this massage, you are offering yourself a gift of time and space to unwind, rather than “squeezing it into your schedule”. You’ll receive a classic full body massage, reflexology, and any other enhancements that pique your interest.

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Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian healing art incorporating rhythmic movements and long forearm strokes that soothe from light to deep to realign the body, improve circulation and induce overall well-being.

In-Home / In-Hotel Service

Week Days 9am – 8pm $160+
Weekends and/or before and after hours $210+
Session includes:

  • 60 min massage session designed to customer’s needs.
  • Traveling time, set up fee included (in town)

Does not include:

  • Gratuity is not included in the above price.
  • Each additional 60 min is $100.
  • Service fee for reservations may vary depends on travel distance