Spa Mariana's Yoga Team

Your Sanctuary for Mind, Body, and Spirit

At Spa Mariana, our dedication to well-being extends beyond the confines of traditional spa treatments. Recognizing the intrinsic link between mind, body, and spirit, our team is thrilled to introduce private and group yoga classes tailored to rejuvenate, inspire, and balance.

Our Yoga Philosophy

Our holistic approach stems from a belief that physical health and mental well-being are inseparably intertwined. Our yoga sessions aim to strengthen the body while calming the mind, resulting in a harmonious balance that complements our comprehensive spa treatments.

Meet the Team

Each member of our yoga team is certified, experienced, and passionate about guiding participants on their individual wellness journeys. From traditional yoga practices to modern interpretations, our instructors cater to the diverse needs and preferences of our clientele.

Classes Offered

Private Yoga Sessions:

Personalized to fit your unique needs, goals, and pace. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced yogi, our private sessions offer an intimate setting to deepen your practice and achieve your wellness objectives.

Group Yoga Classes:

Dive into a collective energy as you practice alongside fellow spa-goers. Our group classes cater to various levels and focus on fostering a sense of community and collective well-being.

Join Us

Embark on a transformative journey that merges the soothing ambiance of Spa Mariana with the ancient wisdom of yoga. Whether you're seeking physical flexibility, mental clarity, or spiritual grounding, our yoga team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Marian ( Maciek) Lyko -
A Symphony of Wellness

Marian ( Maciek) Lyko isn’t just a name, it’s a signature of holistic well-being. As a certified yoga instructor with over 200 hours of registered training and a yin yoga instructor, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko effortlessly bridges the gap between ancient traditions and contemporary practices.

Qualifications &

Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT 200 hours)

Trained and adept in guiding both beginners and seasoned yogis, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko ensures that every pose, every breath, and every moment on the mat is transformative.

Yen Yoga Instructor

A deep dive into the introspective side of yoga, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s yen sessions are an invitation to experience tranquility and inner alignment.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Whether you’re looking for relief from chronic pain, muscle tension, or simply seeking relaxation, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s hands bring the therapeutic touch that rejuvenates.

Traditional Thai Yoga Practitioner

Blending the art of yoga with the traditional techniques of Thai massage, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko offers a unique experience that stimulates both body and spirit.

Orthopedic Massage & Deep Tissue Therapist

Specialized in addressing specific musculoskeletal issues, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s approach to orthopedic massage and deep tissue therapy is both targeted and holistic.

Certified in Active Isolated Stretching

Enhancing flexibility and promoting optimal muscle function, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s expertise in active isolated stretching is a boon for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike.

MELT Method Instructor

A revolutionary approach to pain relief and wellness, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s MELT sessions are designed to rehydrate connective tissues and rebalance nervous systems.

Certified Reflexologist

Tapping into the body’s natural ability to heal, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s reflexology sessions are a journey of relaxation and revitalization.


Marian ( Maciek) Lyko believes that the human body is an intricate symphony, and each modality he practices is a note in creating harmonious health. With a rich tapestry of certifications and a genuine passion for holistic health, Marian ( Maciek ) Lyko is not just an instructor or therapist; he is a wellness artist.

Yoga Classes with Marian ( Maciek) Lyko
at Spa Mariana

Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s passion for yoga is evident in both his personal practice and his teachings. He understands that each individual’s journey with yoga is unique, which is why he offers both private one-on-one sessions and group classes to cater to diverse needs.

Class Schedule

Private One-on-One Sessions

Marian ( Maciek) Lyko offers personalized yoga sessions, tailored to your specific needs and goals. These sessions provide an intimate setting for deepening your practice and achieving wellness objectives.

Group Classes

Join Marian ( Maciek) Lyko and a community of like-minded individuals at Spa Mariana for group yoga sessions that energize, challenge, and soothe.

  • Mondays through Fridays at 6 a.m.

  • Tuesdays and Fridays at 6 p.m.

Whether you’re an early riser looking to start your day with a centered mind and energized body or someone seeking a calming evening practice, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s classes offer a holistic experience in the serene ambiance of Spa Mariana.

Meditation Guidance
with Marian ( Maciek) Lyko

In the bustling rhythm of modern life, finding stillness within can be a challenge. Marian ( Maciek) Lyko, with his profound understanding of meditation, guides individuals on a journey inward, helping them tap into their inner sanctum of peace and mindfulness. As a meditation guru, he offers sessions that transcend beyond the mere act of closing one’s eyes. Through his guidance, participants delve deep into a meditative state, discovering clarity, tranquility, and a renewed sense of purpose.

Whether you’re a novice seeking to explore the world of meditation or an experienced practitioner looking to deepen your practice, Marian ( Maciek) Lyko’s sessions are a beacon, illuminating the path to inner serenity.