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Did You Know?

Acne is a very common skin disorder that affects over 50 million Americans. Although it is seen most frequently in the changing skin compositions of developing teenagers, it can remain a problem for adults as well. The persistence of acne causes most sufferers to experience embarrassment and frustration on a regular basis. They feel discouraged because lasting solutions can be hard to come by. Spa Mariana is different.

Spa Mariana offers effective, lasting acne solutions.

Join our Acne-Be-Gone Program to Get Started.

Our skilled estheticians have wide-ranging experience working with many different skin types and degrees of acne breakouts. They are prepared to customize your program to suit your exact needs, providing you with acne relief and taking your skin back to its healthy, hydrated glow. There is no need to feel insecure about your appearance any longer.

For best results, we recommend a minimum 6-month commitment. Teens will receive two facials per month, plus an initial home care Acne-Be-Gone Kit with education on how to care for the skin between facials. Ask about available packages and scheduling a complimentary consultation. Guests receive 6 treatments and get one facial complimentary.

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