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Spa Mariana receives so many donation requests each year from worthy organizations all across Metro Detroit Area. It is for this reason that we recommend your written request be submitted in writing at least 60 days prior to your event date. From there, a variety of factors are included in the evaluation of these requests; most importantly, our contributions are concentrated on organizations in our local communities that align with the values of Spa Mariana to help improve the health, well being and quality of life for others.

Please send your written request on your organization’s’ letterhead to the address below and be sure to include the date of your event and tax ID number.

    Is this organization a non-profit?

    Is this for an event?

    Spa Mariana Charitable Donations Offer

    + $100+ Gift Certificates sell at the event ( table with SM representative to sell Spa GC benefiting charity) 20% back to the charity

    + Event’s master of celebration Announces BiG package main prize live auction( day at the spa- Value $500) during the event

    + Pre and post event on line gift certificate sale with promo code for those who did not attend 20% kick back to the charity

    + $25 gift certificate voucher for everyone insert to goodie bags at the event or Free $50 massage GC under the dinner table chair for everyone and one special gift for the lucky one ( to be announced as a surprise during the event- sort of game for fun)

    + Massage gift certificate for Silent auction item, (Spa Mariana advertising rollup sign stand at the event next to the table).

    + Social media posts: pre, during and post event with pictures

    We also offer help to raise funds at any time basis.

    Request fundraising event on line and/or on site (in spa or your office).

    SPA MARIANA GIVING BACK (anytime event)

    + One day sale with kick back to charity ( Theme: “ get a massage and help”)

    + Charity organization posts or send e-mail to their database

    + Spa Mariana posts on their social media channels

    Spa Mariana
    909 Haynes
    Birmingham mi 48009
    Attn: Donations

    We thank you for your continued support of Spa Mariana