3 Tips To Bond With Your Kids

BondingSummer is over and school is in session.

If you feel as if all of the members of your family are running in different directions, you aren’t alone.

In today’s very busy society, it’s more important than ever to purposefully connect with one another.

Follow the three tips below, and avoid being ships that pass in the night!

Tip #1: Become technologically savvy.

Chances are, your kids spend a lot of time on the computer and on their cell phones.

One way to stay connected to them is to learn how to use technology.

Ask your kids to show you how to text message, and learn how to send pictures and videos over the phone and the web.

Join the same social networking sites that your kids belong to.

It’s a great way to keep track of what they are doing, as well as whom they are doing it with.

Tip #2: Make a date.

If you find busy schedules are keeping you apart, make a formal date to have lunch, dinner, take in a movie, or do something you both enjoy.

Set aside at least two hours, and use the time to fill each other in on what’s happening.

Schedule a special time with each child at least once per week.

Tip #3: Stay healthy together.

Learn a sport together, such as tennis, or plan family bike rides and walks.

Plan healthy menus together, and allow each family member to take part in the meal preparation and cooking.

Finally, be sure that all family members visit us regularly to enjoy the benefits of bodywork.

Massage therapy is an enjoyable way for all members of your family… including the children… to help stay healthy and boost wellness.