5 Tips for Smart Holiday Shopping

1. Make your list and set your budget. First, decide on a shopping budget and be determined to stick to it. Then, make your list, and be sure to have it with you when you shop. This is your guide to keep you on track and within your budget. Be sure to check out the special values at Spa Mariana all weekend long. We have something for everyone on your list.

2. Comparison shop. Go online and compare stores’ prices before you hit the stores. But, do not focus solely on the price. Decide which deal will give you the best value, including shipping costs where applicable, and free gifts. Remember, free gifts can be used for others on your list. Shop smarter, not harder.

3. Bring coupons and ads with you. Scan the newspaper in the weeks leading up to your big shopping weekend. Cut out the ads and coupons that pertain to the items on your list. Many retailers will be price-matching their competitors, so you may be able to get an item at a different retailer for the same price.

4. Do your homework. Once you have your list compiled and your ads selected, make a plan of the stores you will visit. Then, go online and check out store policies. It’s imperative to know each retailer’s policies on refunds, cancellations, returns, etc., in case the recipient of the gift needs to make an exchange or return. In addition, be sure to ask for gift receipts to make this process much easier.

5. Don’t get caught up in the hype! Black Friday is an exciting, crazy day! You’ll see bargains everywhere that say, “Lowest Price of the Year!” Don’t be fooled. Remember, if you thoroughly completed your homework, you are prepared for the propaganda. Don’t let your emotions and all the excitement cause you to buy something you were not intending to buy. Stick to the plan!

Once the shopping has come to an end and things have settled down, take some time to unwind and re-energize a bit. Call Spa Mariana at 248-792-2050 and reserve any number of treatments available at Spa Mariana. You certainly have earned it!