6 Summer Beach Bag Essentials

BeachIt’s June and that means beach days are upon us! Before you head out to the coast, the pool, or your summer vacation, don’t forget to pack the perfect beach bag. Here are 6 summer beach bag essentials to take with you…

1. Sun Protection: We’re not just talking about sunscreen here. To fully protect yourself from the sun’s damaging rays, pack a big broad-brimmed hat, fabulous oversized sunglasses, and not one, but three, forms of sunscreen for your face, lips, and body. You can also tuck away a mini sun umbrella that sticks in the sand to further shade yourself. At [spa name], we carry an assortment of sunscreens for your beach-going needs.

2. Hydrating Mist: Keep cool and hydrated with a travel-size bottle of your favorite face mist. Stop into our retail section and see what hydrating products we have for your summer needs.

3. Water! Water! Water! Hydration is the key to a healthy skin. But instead of packing your regular water bottles, spring for a more high-tech option with the frozen core center to keep your H20 chilly this summer.

4. Waterproof iPhone Case: What a great way to text or chat poolside without ruining your phone. The come in all colors, styles, and for every type of phone out there.

5. Healthy Treats: Just so you’re not tempted by the ice-cream truck that passes by or the beach concessions stand with hot dogs and fries, try packing some cool and healthy treats of your own, such as frozen grapes or for a guiltier pleasure – frozen chocolate covered acai berries.

6. Calorie Burners: Don’t forget to pack some fitness items to help burn those calories and keep in bikini-shape, such as a Frisbee, an old-school inflatable beach ball to toss back and forth, or Smashball, which is like ping pong without the table. It’s a great way to have some fun in the sun and burn a few extra calories as well!

While it’s important to take some time this season to soak up the rays, enjoy the great outdoors, and bask in the summer breezes, it’s also important to keep your skin healthy, glowing, and hydrated. Book your spa appointments for hydrating facials, body scrubs, and foot treatments to sooth those “beach feet” after a long day at the pool or beach!