Feldenkrais Method Workshop
June 17, 2011
What Does Reflexology Do?
June 21, 2011


Reflexology is a unique method of using the thumb and fingers to stimulate more than seven thousand two hundred nerve endings in each foot.
These nerve endings correspond to all parts of the body, including organs and glands. Some reflexologists also work with the hands and the ears.
Stimulating the appropriate region is intended to eliminate energy blockages thought to produce pain or disease in the related areas.
Reflexology is used to prevent, rather than cure, and is used to relieve a wide variety of ailments.

Origins Of Reflexology

Dr. William Fitzgerald, in his book Zone Therapy, states that “a form of treatment by means of pressure points was known in India and China five thousand years ago. This knowledge, however, appears to be lost or forgotten. Perhaps it was set aside in favor of acupuncture, which emerged as the stronger growth from the same root.” There also appears to be evidence of reflexology being used in Egyptian art around 2330 B.C.E.

Can I Do This At Home?

Certain areas of the hands can be worked on, but it is rather awkward to work on your own feet. Some areas are hard to reach, and it’s difficult to relax. Still, your therapist can share some self-help reflexology points with you.

Will My Feet Be Washed?

If you have come directly from a day at work or have a problem with foot odor, the practitioner may wash your feet before the beginning of the session.

But I’m Ticklish!

The practitioner will adjust her touch to what is comfortable for you. Sometimes a little more pressure alleviates the ticklish feeling. Relaxation helps, too, and the practitioner will have several techniques for relaxation at her disposal.

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