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August 7, 2014
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October 2, 2014
Spa Mariana’s Maciek Lyko practicing Deep-Feet therapy.

Spa Mariana’s Maciek Lyko practicing Deep-Feet therapy.

Spa Mariana’s creator, Maciek Lyko, has always been one for expansion and learning. In that spirit, Maciek has recently studied and completed certification in Ashiatsu Deep-Feet Therapy, which is a form of massaging through the use of foot pressure on the client’s body. This is a unique and effective therapy that you won’t find everywhere, but Maciek’s interest in collecting the “best of the best” massage techniques has brought Ashiatsu to Spa Mariana. The benefits that you will feel following this kind of “deep feet” pressure will be unlike other massages you’ve had. If you are ready to take your massage experience to the next level, this new offering is your solution.

This is exciting news, but you may be wondering how, exactly, Deep-Feet Therapy works. Ashiatsu can be described as “gravity-assisted barefoot bar massage”. It is a system that uses two bars attached to the ceiling. Below, a standard massage table is positioned and adjusted to an appropriate height for the therapist. The therapist is able to keep balance with the bars while moving along their length, essentially walking over the client’s back in skillful patterns. Pure massage oils are used for a smooth gliding motion. The therapist has increased ability and perspective through the Ashiatsu design, promoting greater depth of massage. Ashiatsu has been used to effectively” relieve symptoms of chronic soft tissue damage”, or in some cases, produce an actual “structural change” that a client hoped to achieve for renewed health.

Please explore the Ashiatsu founder’s website for more information at

Call today (248.792.2050) to inquire further about experiencing this up-and-coming Spa Mariana therapy.ashi deep feet massage

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