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September 30, 2011
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You don’t have to heading back to high school to buy a pair of new shoes this fall.

As a matter of fact, fall is one of the shoe industry’s biggest seasons!

If you are heading out to buy new shoes this fall, keep the following tips in mind:

Consider how the shoes are going to be used.

Shoes you intend to walk in frequently will have different requirements than those that will merely be used around the office at a desk job.

If your job requires you to be on your feet more often than not, it’s in your best interest to favor “comfortable” over “cute.”

Realize that it’s not possible to gauge a shoe’s comfort just by walking around the store in them.

How many shoes do you currently have in your closet that fall in the “uncomfortable” category?

Go to a store with a staff that is knowledgeable about footwear as well as different types of feet.

ShoesA well-educated staff will be more likely to help you find a good match.

Bring an old, worn pair of shoes so the staff can determine whether you pronate or supinate.

When trying on shoes, pay special attention to the toes and heel.

The toes should feel somewhat snug without feeling jammed together. Heels should not slide.

Make sure that the shoe’s width is appropriate for the width of your feet.

Avoid trying shoes on early in the day, as feet swell as the day goes on.

Instead, schedule shoe shopping at the end of the day.

If you are bothered by foot pain, make an appointment to see us.

In many cases foot pain has less to do with your shoes and more to do with tight muscles in your hips and calves.

We’ll make sure that a poorly tight muscles are not contributing to hip, knee, leg, ankle, and foot problems, and can also counsel you on other lifestyle choices you are making that may be affecting your feet.

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