Coconut Oil – The New “Miracle” Oil?

Coconut oil (organic, found in health food stores in a glass jar and looks like Crisco) has numerous health benefits that are amazing!  Coconut oil is composed of an unusual medium chain fatty acid. These fats don’t wreak the havoc on the cardiovascular system that its saturated-fat cousins cause.

Virgin coconut oil has an amazing ability to fight free-radical damage, presumably because it is rich in ferulic and p-coumaric acid.  Consumed, this means these powerful antioxidants can fight free-radical damage and is now yet another tool in my wrinkle-busting.  Applied topically, it has been shown to be useful in wound healing.  Great to rub lightly in dry, frizzy hair, too!

A recent journal article put omega-3-rich fish oils head to head with omega-6-rich coconut oil. Guess what they found? A diet rich in omega-3 fish oil alone led to a significant decrease in the body’s ability to fight free-radical damage, presumably due to a noticeable drop in blood levels of vitamins E and A.

End result, while fish oils decreased plasma blood fats, they created a challenge to the antioxidant defense system!  The best way to handle this for maximum skin health is to incorporate omega-3 fats into your diet, such as flax, chia seeds, walnuts and salmon with the coconut oil.  Don’t have more than 3 tablespoons daily of total coconut oil.

Another plus, coconut oil contains lauric acid, which boosts immunity and fights infection. The only other major source is mother’s milk.  Presumably for one prone to skin concerns that leave broken skin exposed to possible bacterial infection (such as eczema), having adequate levels of lauric acid could prove useful in reducing the risk of a secondary bacterial infection.

And finally, it has been suggested that individuals consuming virgin coconut oil instead of soybean, olive or corn oils may see a boost in metabolism and an edge in their attempts to lose weight. Now isn’t that worth cooking for?

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