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September 5, 2012
Apple Cider Vinegar Can Do All This
September 16, 2012

SplendaSucralose is an unnatural substance derived from sugar, but made by a  property  from a chemist, using three chlorine atoms.  This synthetic process makes the new molecule a sweet tasting, but toxic substance that has never been proven to be safe at any dose or with chronic use, and yet the FDA approved it!  There is nothing natural about Splenda and there are many neurological and hormone inhibiting factors from these chemicals. Chlorocarbon molecules, including sucralose, do not have calories; which is why they claim it to have “0”calories”. It affects human cellular metabolism because it is toxic to many enzyme systems and the body’s cells structure.

Have you ever exhibited symptoms of muscular twitching whether during your sleep or even during daylight hours?  If you happen to use a packet of Splenda in your coffee on a daily or regular basis, you may want to stop using it for a week or two and notice if those symptoms have disappeared!  I have personal experience with this situation, as my adult daughter was muscle twitching very frequently in her sleep, from the waist down on a nightly basis.  Some of the twitching continued during the day through time, until the doctors were suspecting a possible brain malfunction.  Interestingly, after terminating her Splenda use, every symptom completely disappeared.

In addition if you or anyone you know has digestive problems, including IBS, Crohn’s Disease or Colitis, Splenda is especially dangerous.  Those stomach disorders are commonly due to an inflammatory response for many reasons, but ingesting artificial sweeteners cause an even harsher reaction to the gut when its not already functioning well.

The body takes in all chemical colorings, preservatives and sweeteners as a “toxin”.  It is not a natural food source, so the body looks at them as “foreign objects”.  In its efforts to assimilate them into the body, it can’t find a place for them since they don’t really “feed” anything.  The most common way to protect itself in the body from attacking the organs, is to give you a toxic liver and then make fat cells (especially in the abdomen) in order to hold them from getting elsewhere in the body.  This results in the inability to lose weight even when trying to, since the liver processing system cannot take the chance to release the toxins from the fat cells where its being held.

What’s a Person To Do?  The best way to “clean” the body and especially the liver in order to allow the body to function the way it should, is to do a simple liver cleanse.  It would only entail taking a liquid drop or pill formula daily for a certain period of time which would help release the toxins from the liver, allowing the fat cells to then release.

To learn more about the details of liver cleansing, feel free to contact me, The Nutrition Advisor, Linda Wolschlager, Certified Naturopathic Nutrition Counselor: or contact Spa Mariana for my services.

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