Drinking Water – I keep Forgetting to do that!

Do you forget to drink water or not like the responsibility of drinking the amount you should?  Well, the truth is that drinking water in the ratio of l/2 ounce per pound of your body weight, will do wonders for different tasks.

Water gives more oxygen to the blood, giving you better energy and clearer thinking;

Water helps your kidneys flush toxins from the cells and organs, detoxing you and helping all your body functions work better;

Water helps your appetite like if you are craving food with no real hunger pangs, drinking a 8-10 oz of water and waiting 10-15 minutes, will often cause the craving to go away.

Don’t like the boringness of water?  Try flavoring it with some fresh lemon, lime, orange or cherry, it will help it go down easier.  Even adding a tablespoon or orange juice to your water bottle will give it some variety.

Water will help with constipation and irregular bowel function;

Water will help alleviate the soreness of inflammation from muscles or arthritis by helping to lubricate the joints and muscles for easier function.

30 Days Of Health Tips From Linda Wolschlager, Certified Nutrition Counselor/Wellness Coach
The Nutrition Advisor, LLC – http://www.naturalnutritionadvisor.com