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March 6, 2012
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March 7, 2012

In February, Maciek the owner of Spa Mariana, gained additional education on how to better and more efficiently service Spa Mariana clients. After 4 days of hands on training, he graduated and brought a wealth of knowledge that will benefit, as well as the increase the quality of service for SPA clients. He retained the international business coach and mentor Dori Soukup CEO of InSPAration Management for additional time to make sure the teachings will be implemented and followed. Enhancing the total experience that Spa Mariana offer to their guests is the goal.

As a result from this training, Maciek was recognized as an expert in massage by spa owners in Florida. They were so impressed with his massage techniques that he will be going to Florida, to share his year after year proven, perfected massage strokes. To experience this amazing technique book your Signature Massage today.

More to follow 2012! We have four more training sessions scheduled to further improve the experience at Spa Mariana. Maciek and the team realize that continued improvements will only improve client satisfaction. In a short period of time the effects of the enhancements have been noticed. Raving testimonials have been widely received this month and we are looking forward to receiving yours.

Thank you for your support and feedback, we are here for you, our clients. Your well-being is what makes us happy, and provides us with satisfaction.

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