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May 6, 2014
Happy Father’s Day! Is Your Dad or Husband a Spa Virgin?
June 12, 2014

Fathers DayMen are finally realizing that the spa isn’t just a place for their wife or girlfriend to get their nails done. It’s a place of health and wellness for them too, and not only are more men coming in for the obvious sports or deep tissue massage, but there is an increase in men getting facials and MAN-icures as well. According to the International Spa Association, men now make up approximately one third of all spa-goers. Is your dad or husband one of them? If he’s a spa virgin and a bit apprehensive to take the leap, here are a few good ways to convince him into a trip to the spa…

Gift Him! As they say, ‘If you build it, they will come.’ Well, in the case of a spa-fearing guy – ‘If you gift him, he better come!’ It’s a safe bet that if you give dear ol’ dad a gift card to the spa and explain to him how relaxing it will be, he probably won’t want to offend you by not going. Better yet, create a special Father’s Day package to show him how much you really care about his wellness, or go for the gold and gift him a spa membership to help him de-stress all year long. Call today to purchase his Father’s Day gift!

Beard Care: Chances are your dad or husband probably thinks that facials are just for women. More men are realizing that exfoliating dead skin helps to expose their beard’s hair follicles, which reduces ingrown hairs and is a great primer for a good, close shave. Of course, a good exfoliating facial will also make his skin look cleaner and smoother, and yes, younger! Check out our retail section for an exfoliating scrub and other skincare products for the man in your life.

Fungus Fighters: When talking dad into getting his feet and hands pampered, it might be a good idea to actually stay away from terms like “mani-pedi” and even “pampered.” Dad needs to know that manicures and pedicures are not just for the girls, nor are they a “beauty” treatment. It’s, more importantly, about the health of your skin and nails. If you explain to your dad that MAN-icures and pedicures are just another way to be a well-groomed man, he might be more likely to come in to get his digits done. Explain to dad the importance that manicures make him more presentable (and that everyone loves a soft hand) and pedicures help fight off fungus infections, ingrown nails, and that ugly yellow tint you seen on unkempt toes.

Stress Relief: Statistically, stress is a major contributor to many diseases and medical conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, headaches, and depression. Remind dad that going to the spa – even just to soak in the Jacuzzi or sit in the sauna or steam room for 20 minutes – is a great way to relieve stress, relax, and decompress from a long hard workweek.  

Detox Time: It’s impossible to avoid getting toxins into our system, whether it’s environmental or the food, drinks, and medications we take. Everyone needs to detox on a regular basis no matter how healthy they are. Let dad know that the spa is a great place for flushing the bad stuff from his system. He can choose from simply sitting in a sauna or steam room to sweat out the toxins that build up in our system or he can indulge in a detox wrap or detoxifying facial. Remind him that both saunas and steam rooms also help relax any stiff or sore muscles and relieve aches and pains.

So, for this Father’s Day, educate your father or husband on the health, wellness, and relaxation benefits of the spa! Treat him to a treatment, a full day, or sign him up for a yearly membership now!

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