Here’s The Rub, Spa Week Is Coming!

spa week 2012One of my all-time guilty pleasures, one that I don’t get to indulge in too often, is getting a massage.  In between working full-time outside of the home, keeping two kidlets under the age of five entertained, taking care of the Hubs, errands, chores and dinner,  it’s nice to take some time occasionally and pamper myself!  Getting a massage is that one sure thing that can get me relaxed and to my “happy place.”  In addition to easing muscle tension, massages can help enhance circulation and joint mobilization, something I appreciate and need after sitting behind my desk at work all day.

I’ve gotten massages in a number of places — at my local nail salon, at the gym and most memorably, while on my honeymoon at a tropical resort.  However, my favorite place to get one has to be the  spa.   I guess it’s because spas are devoted to overall well-being and help renew mind, body and spirit.  I always walk out feeling relaxed, Zen and like a totally new woman.

Sadly, if I went to the spa to get the full-on massage treatment as much as this body wishes it could, I’d be one very broke mama and my two young kidlets wouldn’t have a college fund.

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