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August 31, 2011
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September 30, 2011

AutumnPeople always wait until the New Year to make resolutions. It makes sense-new year, new habits.

However, the fall season also brings a sense of renewal.

Maybe it’s because we have long associated this time of year with the beginning of a new school year, or maybe it has something to do with nature shedding the old in order to welcome the new.

Regardless, fall is another great time of year to take a fresh look at your habits.

Try greeting the fall with a new outlook by incorporating the following habits:

Pick a goal that you have, and take one step toward achieving it

Most of us have no problem naming our goals; it’s the follow-through that’s a problem.

We get busy and forget to take the necessary steps toward achievement, telling ourselves that we’ll do so when we “get around to it” or “have more time.”

Put a kibosh on the excuses, and take action! For example, if you want a job promotion that requires additional education, sign up for a class this fall.

Turn off the television, computer, and other electronics, and cozy up with some good reading material.

Commit to reading at least 30 minutes per day.

Read whatever you want-newspapers, magazines, fiction, non-fiction.

Do something you love every day

We live in a society where it’s acceptable to be incredibly busy, and most of us have a ton of balls in the air.

Most of us are pretty careful with our “work” and “commitment” balls, but have no trouble dropping our “personal” balls.

Make a point of doing something you love each and every day, whether that’s enjoying a leisure activity or spending time with someone you love.

Commit to good health

If you don’t already, schedule exercise.

Don’t break your schedule unless there’s an emergency.

Eat wholesome, natural, and healthy foods.

See your doctor and dentist regularly, and don’t let health issues go unchecked.

Finally, come in and see us for your regular massage therapy.

Massage helps to keep your immune system functioning at an optimal level… which can certainly aid your body in operating at peak levels.

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