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Body Work

Private Yoga

Yoga is a perfect complement to massage therapy and plays an integral role in holistic wellness. At Spa Mariana, we are in the business of deep relaxation, health, and whole body-mind care. Massage is an opening, and yoga is further exploration of your inner and outer self. Through this practice, you will gain the ability to release both physical and mental stress – which also allows you to maintain the effects of massage therapy. You will begin to unwind past patterns so that you can retrain yourself in the ways you choose. Mindful movement, deep breathing, and concentration help you observe that thoughts create your feelings, which direct your behaviors, which shape your physical patterns – leaving you with tight spots, weak spots, balance and imbalance. When you move through yoga postures to balance out your body, your mind must be clear and balanced as well. You find yourself feeling more alive, aware, and in charge.

Choose an hour-long customized session that is all for you. Receive ample adjustments and lots of caring, personal attention. Or, make it a semi-private and do class with a friend. Reconnect and get healthy together. You can also do yoga as a warmup to massage. Your muscles will be more receptive, and your mind will have time to transition to a relaxed place before you settle onto the massage table. Try something new today.

60 Minutes | $95
60 Minute Semi-Private | $140
30 Minutes | $55


Traditional Thai Massage

Please see “Massage Therapy” section of the Service Listing for details.

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

Coming soon to Spa Mariana! Please inquire at the front desk for more information.

Feldenkrais Method® Lessons

The Feldenkrais Method® is an educational form of body/mind work, created by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984). He was a physicist, engineer, and Judo Master. In the Feldenkrais Method®, specialized functional movement lessons are performed in a specific way that accesses the brain’s innate ability to form new patterns, known as neuroplasticity. For instance, sometimes the habitual way in which we use or posture ourselves can become dysfunctional and outmoded. When our muscles are habitually contracted, they are not available for their natural functions. This habituation can become painful and even cause misalignment of the skeletal structure. The method helps the individual learn to feel what they are doing and how they can let go of unnecessary contractions and patterns. The lessons take place with the student fully clothed, lying on a Feldenkrais table. It is gentle, therapeutic, and effective.

1 for $95 | 3 for $240 (1 hr)

*gain flexibility/coordination/stability * recover from injury/trauma *enhance skill or performance *transform special needs/learning


Sophisticated Fitness Training Lessons

This sophisticated approach to fitness training considers the dynamic relationship between muscles and bones in movement within the law of gravity. The goal is to create a body and mind that is sleek, strong, and flexible. Sophisticated fitness training incorporates the Feldenkrais Method®, aiming to expand the student’s capabilities and help them advance to the next level of performance and potential outcomes. The lessons are tailored to the individual regarding their goals and intentions.

1 for $100 | 4 for $300 | 8 for $560

*weight loss *increase athletic performance *enhance martial art skills *enhance muscle mass/development *general fitness refinement