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September 30, 2011
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September 30, 2011

Stress made simpleWhat exactly is stress?

In a nutshell, stress is state of emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.

External factors like your environment, your relationships, your job, your school, or your home life can cause stress.

We all experience stress.

However, some of us respond to stress better than others. How stress is handled is a result of internal factors-your overall health and wellness, your fitness level, your nutrition, how much sleep you get, and your emotional well being.

When your internal factors aren’t in the best of shape, you start to feel the effects of stress.

You might feel anxiety ridden or depressed. You might be more emotional, quicker to anger, or more likely to cry.

When we get really stressed even everyday events seem like too much to handle.

Stress like this is really unhealthy.

As a matter of fact, stress is linked to a wide variety of health conditions, including high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, skin disease, gastrointestinal disease, migraines, anxiety, depression, and even severe aging.

Stress can cause conditions like asthma and diabetes to worsen, and can have a negative effect on the immune system.

While it would be ideal to remove the sources of stress in our lives, in most cases this just isn’t possible. But what is possible is to influence the way our bodies handle stress.

The best way to minimize the effects of stress is to make sure that your body is in the best shape possible. In addition to eating well, exercising, and getting plenty of sleep, massage therapy is also important.

Massage has been shown to have an overwhelming effect on your overall health!

If you are experiencing stress give us a call to schedule an appointment right away.

We’ll make sure you enjoy the benefits of massage, to ensure that your body has a fighting chance against stress!

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