Ways to cut 100 Calories Easily

Eating 100 fewer calories daily can help you maintain a healthier weight and lower your risk of certain cancers. Try these easy tips:

  • Switch from flavored coffees at the coffee shop to basic with 1-2 tsp. cream
  • Switch from full fat dairy foods; cheeses, yogurts, milks- to non-fat or low fat versions
  • Mini-Bagels are l/3 the size of a regular restaurant bagel and will save a lot of calories
  • Switch from Buttery Popcorn (microwave style) to air-popped
  • Switch from high calorie/sugar-laden cereals to no sugar, full grain and fiber kinds
  • Switch from pasta cream sauces to marinara or only olive oil
  • Use raw nuts with no oil or salt for snacking
  • Make the biggest portion sizes on your plate be the vegetables and salad rather than the meat