Gardening Risk!

gardeningWhen you think of gardening, you most likely think of quietly digging in the dirt and peacefully communing with nature.

Would you believe that gardening accidents are the result of numerous visits to emergency rooms throughout the United States every year?

You can ensure that your gardening experience is a safe, productive one by following a few simple rules:

Wear the right clothing.

You’ll be exposing yourself to gardening chemicals, equipment, sun, and insects.

Always wear gloves to protect your hands from cuts and lacerations, and protect yourself from insects and the sun by wearing long-sleeved shirts and pants.

Lower your risk for sunburn and skin cancer by slathering on a protective coating of sunblock. \

Finally, protect your eyes with goggles when using equipment.

Beware of the heat.

Many garden-related accidents are the result of exposure to excessive heat.

Be sure to drink plenty of water, and reduce or eliminate your intake of alcohol or sugary beverages.

Be sure to seek out the shade regularly for breaks.

Finally, if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or confused, or experience breathlessness or rapid heartbeat, remove yourself from the sun immediately and seek medical attention.

Know your limits.

Gardening is exercise!

To that end, start out gradually and build your stamina every day.

If you feel fatigued or your muscles are tired, call it a day.

Get regular massage.

A lot of exercise can cause tightening of the hip muscles, but gardeners are particularly susceptible because of the positions that gardening requires.

Coming to see us on a regular basis will ensure that your muscles are flexible and funcionting at an optimal level.

And that means lots more gardening for you!

The Easy Way To Lose Weight

walkIf you are exiting winter a little heavier than you entered it, welcome to the club!

There are many things that contribute to winter weight gain: holiday parties, shorter and darker days, less time spent outdoors, and hectic schedules.

Chances are, as you shed your winter clothes you’ll also want to shed some winter pounds.

Just about anyone can walk off excess weight.

Walking is easy, doesn’t require any skill or special equipment, and can be done just about anywhere!

Here’s what you need to do to get your walking program underway:

See your doctor.

Before you begin any exercise program, make sure that your doctor assesses your health and approves the activity.

Buy a good pair of walking shoes.

There are shoes made specifically for walking.

Try shoes on before buying, and make sure they fit well and are comfortable.

If your shoes aren’t comfy, you won’t stick to your program!

Find a buddy to walk with.

When you work out with someone else, you are accountable to him or her as well as to yourself.

Chatting while you walk also makes the time go by more quickly.

Set some goals.

Walk for a specific time each day, or for a specific distance.

Give us a call to enjoy your massage therapy.

We can make sure that your body is in the best shape possible to take on its new walking routine, and also have the knowledge to counsel you on weight loss.

Ready For A Spring Tune-Up?

tuneupSpring is right around the corner!

That means it’s time to leave the winter blues behind.

One way to greet the warmer weather with your best foot forward is to give yourself a spring tune-up.

Greet the new season healthier and happier by following these five steps:

Take a mini-vacation.

Getting into the same old dull routine contributes to the winter doldrums.

Celebrate the new season by changing up your routine for a day or two.

You don’t need to go far, and if your funds and/or time are limited try a “staycation”—visit a museum or tourist attraction in the area, schedule a day and night doing things with family or friends, or simply turn off your ringer for two days and curl up with a pile of books and movies.

Make two positive changes to your health.

Are you doing everything you can to promote good health?

If you let your health slide a bit during the busy months of winter, you’re not alone.

Take a look at your current habits and make positive changes to two.

If you’ve been loading up on comfort food it might be time to introduce healthier meals.

If your gym time has fallen off it might be time to increase—or change up—your exercise routine.

Do something nice for yourself.

Spring is a time of renewal!

Get your hair cut, buy yourself a spring outfit, or spend an hour at the spa. Indulge!

You’ll feel better!

Schedule annual appointments.

It’s easy to let annual appointments such as yearly physicals and dental appointments slide.

Take some time to make sure you’ve made all regular appointments, and schedule those that have slipped through the cracks.

Remember that preventative medicine is always the best medicine.

Give us a call and make an appointment your massage therapy.

Massage is a great way to help ensure your body is working as well as it possibly can, and will keep your mind and body in optimal shape.

It doesn’t take long to experience the benefits of massage, but it will make a world of difference to your health and happiness.

Feel free to call us anytime with any questions you may have about massage therapy, or to schedule an appointment.

We’re here to help you maintain your health and wellness… and feel your best!

November Newsletter

“When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere.”
-La Rochefoucauld

What Exactly Is a Facial, and Is It For You?

“The one part of our body we see everyday is our face,” says Zari Pirasteh, professional esthetician and reiki master from Colorado. “If we don’t approve of what we see in the mirror, we eventually develop a dislike for ourselves. It’s important that we take care of our skin,
especially the skin on our face because it reflects our inner health and life.” One sure way to achieve this is with professional facials.

Facials are often thought to be a luxury– something to do while on vacation or for a special occasion. However, making monthly facials part of a regular self-care routine can help prevent the signs of aging, improve skin, reduce acne, and even improve general health.

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