How To Prevent Shoulder Pain

Rotator cuff injuries aren’t reserved just for athletes.

While tennis players, baseball players, swimmers, and other athletes that engage in overhead sports are particularly susceptible, one of the largest populations at risk for rotator cuff injury comprises those who are over the age of 40.

That’s right—normal wear and tear is one of the most frequent causes of rotator cuff injury.

So what exactly is the rotator cuff?

The rotator cuff makes up the muscles and tendons in your shoulder, and is responsible for connecting the shoulder blade and arm bone, and providing support to the shoulder.

When damage or irritation to these muscles occur, the result is rotator cuff injury.

rotator-cuffRotator cuff injury is a real pain!

Common symptoms include shoulder pain, weakness, and lack of range of motion. So how can you prevent rotator cuff injury?

One of the keys to preventing rotator cuff injury lies in proper conditioning.

The best way to keep the rotator cuff conditioned is to strength train using lower resistance and high repetitions.

Try using Therabands or light handheld weights to complete exercises such as horizontal arm lifts, diagonal arm lifting, and wall push-ups.

Another important step to keeping rotator cuff injury at bay is to have regular massage therapy..

At your massage session, we’ll be able to address the joint mechanics of the shoulder and the muscles that allow the joint to properly function.

We’ll aid in restoring the joint to its normal position and motion, so that the muscles surrounding the joint are no longer overworked.

Not only will regular massage therapy help to contribute to strength and flexibility, it will also help diminish the effects of normal wear and tear.

Don’t succumb to the pain of rotator cuff injury. Call us today!