Exercise In Cold Weather?

ExerciseThe temperature may have dropped, but autumn is still a wonderful time of year to exercise outdoors.

To ensure your comfort and safety, just follow the tips below::

Stretch and warm up before exercising.

Making sure that your muscles and ligaments are limber and warm can help you avoid injuries.

Stretch for at least 10 minutes before and after exercise. In addition, do ten minutes of warm-up exercises before heading outdoors.

Instead, dress in several thin layers.

These layers can be removed and added as needed, and will make it easier to regulate your body temperature.

Wear a hat.

Your head loses 50 percent of the total amount of heat lost from your body. If it’s chilly out, cover your head!

Wear technical, sweat-wicking clothing.

Clothes that are damp from perspiration can increase your body head loss, and can cause shivering when you cool down.

There are plenty of technical fibers on the market specially designed for cold weather exercising.

Drink plenty of water.

Many of us get fooled into thinking that we don’t need as much hydration when it’s cold out. That’s simply not true.

Because hydration allows your body to regulate temperature, having enough to drink is as important in cold weather as it is in hot weather.

Plain water is best.

Avoid alcoholic beverages, or those that contain caffeine.

Wear reflective clothing in the dark.

Don’t forget that it gets darker much earlier this time of year.

Wear light clothing instead of dark, and make sure that your clothing, as well as equipment like bikes, is outfitted with reflective strips or lights.

Make an appointment with us to enjoy a little massage therapy. Remember that good circulation and muscle balance is important any time of year!