How Healthy Is Your Heart?

February is known for Valentine’s Day, but did you also know it was American Heart Month?
During February, medical, health, and other industry professionals do their best to promote heart health awareness.
Here are some things you can do to honor your heart during the month of February:

Healthy HeartEat well.

  • Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetable, whole grains, and proteins.
  • Avoid, fatty, high-calorie, processed, and salty foods.
  • A good rule of thumb is to eat foods in their most natural state, and to make sure that there is a wide variety of color on your plate at every meal.


  • Regular exercise is one of the best ways to keep your heart pumping!
  • Shoot for at least 30 minutes of exercise, five times per week.
  • And don’t worry—you don’t need to be extremely fit or coordinated to exercise. If you are an exercise neophyte, try some simple walking!
  • Exercising with a friend, and picking types of exercise you really enjoy, will help you stick with your exercise plan.


  • Stress is terrible for your heart. But in the busy, hectic world we live in, most of us have to take conscious steps to remove the stress from our lives.
  • Be sure to strike some balance in your life by playing as hard as you work. If you have undue stress in your life, see a professional who can help you.
  • Practices like meditation and yoga may also minimize the stress in your life.

Keep regular health appointments.

  • See your dentist to have your teeth cleaned twice a year.
  • Have a physical at least once a year.
  • And be sure to come and see us regularly for your massage therapy sessions. Remember that good ciculation is key to your overall health.